Forge a stronger you with CrossFit!

Looking for a challenging workout that will help you reach your fitness goals? CrossFit is for you. Our program is designed for athletes of all ages and all fitness levels who want hands-on fitness at its finest. With dedicated and certified coaches and limited class sizes, you’ll get personalized attention as you perform constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements. Once you try CrossFit, you may never want to go back to the “other gyms” again. So why wait?
Join our community of like-minded athletes and take the first step towards a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

Sign up now and discover the power of CrossFit for yourself.


Lift heavy, lift happy with our weightlifting club!

Looking to take your weightlifting to the next level? Look no further than our experienced weightlifting coach, who will provide you with in-depth coaching and teach you some insane techniques that are guaranteed to improve your lifts.

Our weightlifting class is perfect for anyone looking to master their technique, whether you’re an experienced lifter or just starting out. Plus, it’s a great way to get some active recovery in between your CrossFit sessions.

Ready to transform your weightlifting game? Sign up for our weightlifting class today and experience the difference of personalized coaching and cutting-edge techniques.

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Take Your Fitness to the Next Level with CFHabu Gymnastic Club!

We’re excited to offer classes that cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.
Our gymnastic coaches are passionate about helping you learn new skills, improve your technique, and reach your fitness goals.  Our classes are designed on building strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility, all while enjoying the camaraderie of our supportive community. Whether you’re looking to improve your pull-ups, master muscle-ups, our gymnastics classes have something for everyone. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you challenge yourself and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for gymnastics and fitness.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving and sweating together!


Get ready to crush your fitness goals with HABU Bootcamp!

Take the first step towards a fitter YOU today!
Contact us now to find out when our next energetic bootcamp for ladies only starts.  Join our energetic Habu bootcamp and experience the power of a supportive and uplifting Habu community who are all, regardless of their fitness levels, working towards their fitness goals together!  Joining a boot camp can offer you a range of benefits, such as: Intense and focused training: Boot camps are designed to deliver high-quality training in a short period of time, making them an excellent starting point for your fitness or CrossFit journey. Hands-on experience: Our Habu boot camp involves practical exercises that equip participants with the knowledge to continue their fitness journey.
Our boot camps bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering the chance to connect with like-minded people and expand your social circle.
Don’t wait any longer to begin your fitness journey!

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Our CrossFit Classes are Fun and Safe, and perfect for you little athletes

Look no further than our CF Kids class program. Our ultimate goal is to make fitness enjoyable for kids while also promoting safety and healthy habits. In our CF Kids classes, we cover a range of foundational and auxiliary movements, expanding your child’s skill set and helping them develop the abilities they need to succeed. Plus, our time frame accommodates the developing abilities of dependents from 8-15 years old. Give your child the gift of fitness and join our CF Kids class program today. With experienced coaches and a supportive community, your child will learn to love exercise and build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

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Looking for more than just a gym?

Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFit athlete or just looking to stay active while on vacation, CFHabu is the perfect place to get your endorphins flowing and enjoy a great workout or two. We welcome all visitors to come and try out our gym and experience our amazing community at CFHabu! So if you’re traveling to Okinawa and you’re looking for a gym that offers more than just a workout, don’t hesitate to stop by and check out our gym and get a T-shirt!
Our vibrant and supportive community is passionate about fitness and always ready to welcome all visitors to come and join us for an unforgettable workout experience. 

Book your DROP-IN session now!


Fuel your body, fuel your life with our nutrition program!

They say that fitness is 20% activity and 80% nutrition, and we couldn’t agree more! That’s why we’re also offering both 1-on-1 and Group Nutrition Services to help you harness the power of proper nutrition in your journey towards a healthier you. Our expert nutritionists are passionate about helping you understand the vital role that food plays in achieving your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or simply improve your overall health, our tailored nutrition plans are designed to help you reach your full potential. So if you’re ready to take your nutrition to the next level and unlock your full potential, sign up for our nutrition guidance today.

With support of our coaches and their guidance, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the body and health you’ve always dreamed of!


Want to see real progress in your fitness journey?

If you’re looking for an individualized fitness plan, with personalized goals and a full commitment to achieving maximum results, then our Personal Training program is the perfect option for you.  With 1-on-1 sessions tailored specifically to your current fitness level, you’ll receive a unique program designed to help you reach your full potential. Our expert coaches will track your progress over the course of your sessions, ensuring that you stay on track and achieve the results you want. With our support and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the body and health you’ve always dreamed of.

So why wait? Sign up for Personal Training today and take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself!


The Importance of Quality Childcare for Children's Development

Effective childcare is important for the development and well-being of children. Quality childcare can promote social, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as help children build important skills such as problem-solving, communication, and self-regulation. When choosing a childcare provider or facility, it is important to consider factors such as safety, cleanliness, staff qualifications and training, and the availability of age-appropriate activities and learning experiences. Parents should also be aware of the cost and the hours of operation, as well as any policies regarding illness, discipline, and communication with parents.

Free Intro Class

Start Strong with Our Guided Intro Experience

Looking to try out CrossFit but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re an experienced CrossFitter looking for a new gym to call home? Either way, CFHABU invites you to attend our Free Intro Class. This class is designed for individuals of all fitness levels who want to experience what CrossFit is all about. Our experienced coaches will guide you through a workout that is challenging yet scalable, so you can test your limits in a safe and supportive environment. During the Free Intro Class, you’ll get a taste of our unique programming and community-driven atmosphere. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet our coaches and members, and ask any questions you may have about our gym or CrossFit in general. Whether you’re a seasoned CrossFitter or a complete beginner, we welcome you to join us for our Free Intro Class. 

Don’t hesitate to sign up and see for yourself what makes our gym stand out.


Join CrossFit with Confidence

Starting off can be intimidating for many, and that’s why we have a guided intro experience for you!
Don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from joining CrossFit. We scale every workout to suit your fitness level, so you can feel confident and challenged during each session. If you’re worried about keeping up, we offer one-on-one fundamental sessions with our expert coaches. We’ll walk you through the basics of CrossFit at your own pace, so you can build the skills and confidence you need to succeed. Intro Class includes 3-4 intro sessions and 1 months of full membership Don’t wait – take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you today.

Sign up for our fundamental sessions and experience the power of CrossFit.

CrossFit Habu
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mary ann gianninimary ann giannini
10:41 21 Mar 23
You had me at warm up with the wall FTWs even though I most definitely was doing wall YMCAs. When you know you know, warm welcome from email communication to walking in. Coach Sam was patient, kind and passionate about what she does. It's all about the environment and y'all are stuck with me until I PCS 😉 Shout out to Takako, Santi, and Caire (Care Bear) for being great motivators too.
Bettina JohnsonBettina Johnson
22:51 27 Feb 23
Best CrossFit gym in Okinawa. Love the community and the owners. Highly recommended
Mayara NishiMayara Nishi
12:41 27 Feb 23
Best gym and community!Perfect for all fitness levels and coaches are very welcoming and knowledgeable 😉
Benny KayBenny Kay
11:15 11 Feb 23
The epitome of a great CrossFit gym!!We were welcomed with open arms and had a ball training with these guys on a recent trip to Okinawa.Everyone in the gym was really friendly and encouraging!! Plus the workouts were great traditional CrossFit WODS. Loved it!!
Jon W. LeeJon W. Lee
00:32 28 Mar 17
I was visiting Okinawa and dropped in to hit the wod. What an awesome group of people. I had a great wod with wonderful coach, Steven. I would join this tribe if I was a resident here in Okinawa! I strongly recommend this place!

We believe that accountability is essential to achieving success, which is why we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Regardless of the membership type you choose, we are here to help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness journey.

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