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CrossFit Habu has been established back in 2015

In the world of fitness, community plays a pivotal role in shaping the experience. At CrossFit Habu, our story is rooted in the bonds of friendship and a shared passion for health and wellness. 

CrossFit Habu has been established back in 2015, a group of friends, led by Day Clan i.e. Jason and Yuki , embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. With sweat on their brows and an unwavering determination, they rolled up their sleeves and transformed a dream into a reality. From renovating the space to establishing the foundations of CrossFit Habu. Their tireless efforts, dedication, and love for fitness have been the driving force behind our gym’s success.

As we look back to those early days, we’re reminded that CrossFit Habu wasn’t built by a corporation or a faceless entity. It was built by friends, for friends and that’s what CFHABU is till date. It was a labor of love, commitment, and unity. Our community flourished because of these individuals who believed in the power of fitness to transform lives.

Today, we cherish the memories of our humble beginnings. It’s a testament to the values we hold dear: the value of hard work, the importance of camaraderie, and the beauty of shared goals.

Without Yuki and Jay’s vision and the sweat they poured into this gym, CrossFit Habu wouldn’t be what it is today. You’ve etched your legacy in the very foundation of our community.

Here are a few snapshots from those early days, reminding us that greatness starts with a shared vision and unwavering determination. 💪📸


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OPEN 23.2

and this year, Habu had 20 members participating in it.

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