Back in December 2016

something magical happened

Let’s take a walk down memory lane once again, and enjoy the travel in time. We’ve come a long way since our early days, and it’s a testament to the unwavering spirit of our community.

Back in December 2016, after a challenging evening class, something magical happened. No one wanted to leave. The energy, the camaraderie, it was just too good to disperse. So, what did we do? We ordered pizzas and decided to turn our gym into more than just a fitness hub—it became a place to hang out, share stories, and create memories.

As we watched CrossFit Games on TV, we laughed, cheered, and soaked up the atmosphere that only CrossFit enthusiasts understand. These moments brought us closer, forging bonds that have stood the test of time.

Fast forward to today, and CrossFit Habu has blossomed into a place where, fitness, friendship, and fun area knitted together. It’s about more than just a place to work out; it’s a place where everyone knows your name, where you can share your journey, and where we all root for each other’s success.

CFHABU founders, Jay, Yuki, along with athletes and coaches, were instrumental in making this transformation possible. Their vision for a thriving fitness community has become a reality. Their commitment to creating a place where health, wellness, and friendships flourish is why we are where we are today. 

So, as we remember that December night in 2016, we’re filled with gratitude for the past and excitement for the future. We’ve transformed, we’ve evolved, and we’re committed to making every day at CFHabu better than the last.

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OPEN 23.2

and this year, Habu had 20 members participating in it.

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