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OPEN 23.2

and this year, Habu had 20 members participating in it.

The CrossFit OPEN is an exciting event for athletes around the world and this year, Habu had 20 members participating in it. For many, it’s a way to test their fitness level and compare it to their previous years of participation in this incredible event. However, it’s also a time of stress and anxiety, especially for those who are participating for the first time. 

But what makes the OPEN so special is that it brings our Habu family together. We were thrilled to see our amazing community come together and support each other during this event. It was inspiring to watch everyone cheer each other on, giving everyone an extra boost of strength and endurance.

The OPEN 23.1 was no exception, and we had an absolute blast during our Friday Night Lights. It was a quick and brutal test, especially for those who had just started their CrossFit journey. However, the energy in the room was electric, and everyone pushed themselves to their limits.

As you scroll through some of the photos from the event, you’ll see the incredible camaraderie and spirit of our Habu community.
Great work everyone, and remember that the fun isn’t over yet!
There’s just one more workout left for #Open23.3 this coming Friday.
Keep grinding and let’s finish strong!


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