If starting or getting back to your fitness journey is your new year’s resolution then this is for you!
Crossfit habu is excited to offer you efficient six weeks program, that is addressed to all fitness levels. The goal of the program is to keep you feel your best, and sometimes you need a kick to get started. This is a proven program, during which we will find the pacethat mathes your current fitenss level. We will also provide you with introduction into healty eating and share our best nutrition tips. We will meet two to three times a week on monday, wednsesday and saturday at 10:00 am
CrossFit Habu
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mary ann gianninimary ann giannini
10:41 21 Mar 23
You had me at warm up with the wall FTWs even though I most definitely was doing wall YMCAs. When you know you know, warm welcome from email communication to walking in. Coach Sam was patient, kind and passionate about what she does. It's all about the environment and y'all are stuck with me until I PCS 😉 Shout out to Takako, Santi, and Caire (Care Bear) for being great motivators too.
Bettina JohnsonBettina Johnson
22:51 27 Feb 23
Best CrossFit gym in Okinawa. Love the community and the owners. Highly recommended
Mayara NishiMayara Nishi
12:41 27 Feb 23
Best gym and community!Perfect for all fitness levels and coaches are very welcoming and knowledgeable 😉
Benny KayBenny Kay
11:15 11 Feb 23
The epitome of a great CrossFit gym!!We were welcomed with open arms and had a ball training with these guys on a recent trip to Okinawa.Everyone in the gym was really friendly and encouraging!! Plus the workouts were great traditional CrossFit WODS. Loved it!!
Jon W. LeeJon W. Lee
00:32 28 Mar 17
I was visiting Okinawa and dropped in to hit the wod. What an awesome group of people. I had a great wod with wonderful coach, Steven. I would join this tribe if I was a resident here in Okinawa! I strongly recommend this place!


A boot camp is a type of intensive training program that is as alternative to regular fitness or traditional CrossFit programing, geared towards individuals who are looking for an alternative way to reach your specific goals in a short period of time. Habu Boot Camp is structured as immersive, hands-on learning experiences that involve a combination of easily adjustable high intensity exercises, paired with hands-on nutrition lectures, and other healthy habits tips.

There are several benefits to participating in a boot camp, including:

  • Intensive, focused training: Boot camps are designed to provide a high level of instruction in a short period of time, and a great way to get started journey with fitness or CrossFit.
  • Hands-on experience: Habu boot camp involve practical exercises that allow participants to continue their fitness journey after.
  • Networking opportunities: Boot camps often bring together a diverse group of individuals who are sharing interest in a similar field, providing an opportunity to build new connections and give a chance to meet likeminded and motivated individuals.
  • Flexibility: Habu boot camp offers flexible scheduling options, making them a good option for those who have busy schedules.
Overall, participating in a boot camp can be a good way to follow up with your New Year’s resolutions, and can be particularly beneficial, for those who are new on island and looking to expand their social circle, build new connections and give a chance to meet likeminded and motivated individuals.
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